Episode 007

Oh, hey there. Sorry we left you without saying ‘bye’…we just had to lay low until all of this blew over…oh, um…nevermind.

So where did we last leave off? Let’s see…did you hear that Dan left us? No? Well, he did. At least for the week. He should be back, though. Luckily, one dedicated fan drove 150 miles just to fill in for this weeks episode. That’s right, Friend Evan made his first appearance and did a great job keeping the Tri true as he chimed in about:

  1. When you are too old to…do just about anything
  2. Several news articles as Josh kept Dan’s memory alive with News, News, News
    [audio https://th3tripod.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/the-tri-pod-episode-007.mp3]
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    After one episode of the Tri-Pod, you'll be prepared to defend yourself with the strength of a grizzly, the reflexes of a puma, and the wisdom of a man.

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Episode 006

What would you do if you had a million dollars? Would you invest half of it in low risk mutual funds and then take the other half over to your friend, Asadulah, who works in securities? Would you do two chicks at the same time? Unfortunately, few of us will ever find out what we would do if we had a million dollars. Instead, the majority of us learn what it is like to settle for a modest paying job in a career we are less than passionate about. But that’s why we have hobbies, right? Hell, if it weren’t for the daily grind in cubicle country, there would be no Tri-Pod.

Yep, the 9-to-5 can be a beating, but it could be worse. How so? Well, we’re glad you asked. This week on the Tri-Pod, we take a look at:

  1. Jobs we thought we wanted when we were kids
  2. Jobs that flat out suck
  3. Jobs that have little significance in this world

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Check out Josh on our podcast compadres: thenerdlist.com

Dan shows us his O-face


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Tri-Pod News

Here at the Tri-Pod, we’ve tried to lay low until we could work out all the kinks behind the scenes. And by that, we just mean figure out what the hell we are doing and  develop/sharpen/master our podcasting skills. Not sure if we accomplished the latter, but we have decided that this little social experiment has flown under the radar for long enough.

Of course, that’s a lot of big talk for our little podcast. As modest as we try to be, there is certainly some quality audio in the works that plenty others can enjoy. But enough about all the others. We want to talk to you. And by talk…we mean ask a small favor. The Tri-Pod is nothing without its fans, and we are constantly striving to improve upon each episode. And you know what, we are more than happy to do all of this at no charge to the listener. In return for free, premium podcast content we hand deliver on a bi-monthly basis, we ask for only the following in return:

  • Subscribe to the Tri-Pod on iTunes
  • Click to follow the website
    • The benefit to you? As soon as a new episode, or any other post, is added to the website you will immediately receive an email notification. You will not receive any spam or emails promising 4″ in 4 days. Just good ol’ fashioned notices that a new episode or note from the Tri-Pod eagerly awaits you.

That’s it. That’s all we ask. Well, it may go without saying, but we would be even more gracious if you continued to listen and enjoy the Tri-Pod!

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Episode 005

Why do people have such a fascination with past decades? Whether our curiosity is peaked by how humans can be so ignorant in trying to keep schools, water fountains…and essentially life, segregated in the 60’s or even more perplexing, how some recognize the 80’s as a great time for music and fashion. This week on the Tri-Pod, we (amazingly) were able to avoid the social bear trap of the former, while still exploring certain elements that amaze, and confuse, us about the decades of the 20th century.

For this episode, we invite one of our long time listeners to join us for our first ever Black Friday Quad-Pod.

  1. Travis asks us to contemplate what decade we would like to live in and asks why the “Greatest Generation” produced such pissed off old people.
  2. Dan breaks down the high points of each decade from the 1900’s to 1990’s.
  3. Josh examines how different generations paid for goods and services.

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The Tri-Pod Occupy Your Airwaves

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Episode 004

They say you never fully appreciate something until it’s gone, and as we found this week, that is equally true for fellow Tri-Pod members. As we temporarily lose 1/3 of the group, Dan and Travis are forced to reflect on life…or at least the portions of life consumed by   unproductiveness. This week, the Tri Bi-Pod asks you to:

  1. Find out if you fall victim to these common time wasters (not including listening to podcasts)
  2. Enjoy a drink with Pat Sajak and some tacos with Mayor Maturo, and top off the delicious segment with some cream-filled hobby talk.
  3. Experience the first 2-Minute (+ 18) Drill, as Travis and Dan go into rapid fire mode when discussing social norms and taboos.

[audio https://th3tripod.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/the-tri-pod-episode-004.mp3]
Episode 004 for iPhone

Where is Josh?!? Maternity leave? Probably not…but who can really know?

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Transitional Talk (Part 003)

In this special Transitional Talk, we pull back the curtains and give you a glimpse into our episode planning and what goes on before each podcast starts. This is, of course, accompanied by the usual between segment talk you will find in the rest of the Transitional Talk series. A run down of this week’s segments is:

  1. Mic check
  2. Mic check #2/Dan spills his beer/Episode planning
  3. Hermaphrodite talk/Dan and Josh sing ’45’
  4. Talking during the ‘Intro’
  5. Intro Fail
  6. Talking before ‘Manly or Not?’
  7. Talking before ‘What Every Guy Should Have’
  8. Talking before ‘Manly Men Throughout History’

003 Transitional Talk for iPhone

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Episode 003

Almost all the ideas we have about being a man…are so burdened with pain, anxiety, fear and self-doubt. For many of us, the confusion around this question is excruciating.
– Andrew Cohen

Episode 003 explores what we feel a true man is, and to be completely honest, it may leave much to desire. This is not so because we do not provide quality discussion around the topic, but more because we understand answering the question of ‘what is a true man’ is just as easy as answering ‘what is the meaning of life’. So follow us past the endless steak and pizza buffet, avoid the car chase/fire balls/gunfire and try to ignore the KY football game being played by 22 naked Victoria Secret models, and settle down to debate:

  1. Is this ‘Manly or Not?’ with Josh
  2. Travis describes things every man should have and manly movies
  3. Dan breaks the news of former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour releasing murderers into the streets like bulls in Pamplona, and then follows this up with his idea of manly men throughout history

Episode 003 for iPhone

"I am all that is man."

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