Episode 13: The Olympics

No, friends, you are not mistaken. We promised Episode 13 would be based on a popular book and feature womens, however due to one friend backing out at the last minute, Josh, Matt and Travis decided to tackle a relevant topic: the Olympic games. However instead of focusing simply on the goings ons at the 2012 summer games, the episode meanders to and fro topics. From the way the early games formed to the use of PED’s, and everything in between. This episode provides plenty of different thoughts and opinions, so this would be the perfect time to point out that we highly encourage listener comments. Tell us what you may disagree with and take the conversation from the airwaves and on to the comment section.
[audio https://th3tripod.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/episode-013-the-olympics.mp3]
Episode 013 – The Olympics for iPhone

Inevitably, when a pair of gloves is shared, someone is always left out.


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