Episode 007

Oh, hey there. Sorry we left you without saying ‘bye’…we just had to lay low until all of this blew over…oh, um…nevermind.

So where did we last leave off? Let’s see…did you hear that Dan left us? No? Well, he did. At least for the week. He should be back, though. Luckily, one dedicated fan drove 150 miles just to fill in for this weeks episode. That’s right, Friend Evan made his first appearance and did a great job keeping the Tri true as he chimed in about:

  1. When you are too old to…do just about anything
  2. Several news articles as Josh kept Dan’s memory alive with News, News, News
    [audio https://th3tripod.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/the-tri-pod-episode-007.mp3]
    Episode 007 for iPhone

    After one episode of the Tri-Pod, you'll be prepared to defend yourself with the strength of a grizzly, the reflexes of a puma, and the wisdom of a man.

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