Episode 006

What would you do if you had a million dollars? Would you invest half of it in low risk mutual funds and then take the other half over to your friend, Asadulah, who works in securities? Would you do two chicks at the same time? Unfortunately, few of us will ever find out what we would do if we had a million dollars. Instead, the majority of us learn what it is like to settle for a modest paying job in a career we are less than passionate about. But that’s why we have hobbies, right? Hell, if it weren’t for the daily grind in cubicle country, there would be no Tri-Pod.

Yep, the 9-to-5 can be a beating, but it could be worse. How so? Well, we’re glad you asked. This week on the Tri-Pod, we take a look at:

  1. Jobs we thought we wanted when we were kids
  2. Jobs that flat out suck
  3. Jobs that have little significance in this world

    Episode 006 for iPhone

Check out Josh on our podcast compadres: thenerdlist.com

Dan shows us his O-face


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