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Here at the Tri-Pod, we’ve tried to lay low until we could work out all the kinks behind the scenes. And by that, we just mean figure out what the hell we are doing and  develop/sharpen/master our podcasting skills. Not sure if we accomplished the latter, but we have decided that this little social experiment has flown under the radar for long enough.

Of course, that’s a lot of big talk for our little podcast. As modest as we try to be, there is certainly some quality audio in the works that plenty others can enjoy. But enough about all the others. We want to talk to you. And by talk…we mean ask a small favor. The Tri-Pod is nothing without its fans, and we are constantly striving to improve upon each episode. And you know what, we are more than happy to do all of this at no charge to the listener. In return for free, premium podcast content we hand deliver on a bi-monthly basis, we ask for only the following in return:

  • Subscribe to the Tri-Pod on iTunes
  • Click to follow the website
    • The benefit to you? As soon as a new episode, or any other post, is added to the website you will immediately receive an email notification. You will not receive any spam or emails promising 4″ in 4 days. Just good ol’ fashioned notices that a new episode or note from the Tri-Pod eagerly awaits you.

That’s it. That’s all we ask. Well, it may go without saying, but we would be even more gracious if you continued to listen and enjoy the Tri-Pod!

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