Episode 005

Why do people have such a fascination with past decades? Whether our curiosity is peaked by how humans can be so ignorant in trying to keep schools, water fountains…and essentially life, segregated in the 60’s or even more perplexing, how some recognize the 80’s as a great time for music and fashion. This week on the Tri-Pod, we (amazingly) were able to avoid the social bear trap of the former, while still exploring certain elements that amaze, and confuse, us about the decades of the 20th century.

For this episode, we invite one of our long time listeners to join us for our first ever Black Friday Quad-Pod.

  1. Travis asks us to contemplate what decade we would like to live in and asks why the “Greatest Generation” produced such pissed off old people.
  2. Dan breaks down the high points of each decade from the 1900’s to 1990’s.
  3. Josh examines how different generations paid for goods and services.

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2 Responses to Episode 005

  1. shawn says:

    Id go back to the 90s. Pearl Jam Nirvana GunsnRoses Soundgarden. Docs and flannels and.gas for under a buck a gallon.

  2. Travis says:

    Take away Pearl Jam, add in the growing economy and I can respect the 90’s. One of the big reasons I chose the 60’s (and a point I didn’t make in the podcast) is it seemed like a well defined point in time when America lost its innocence. In my mind, we left the 50’s still a clean cut, Bible-toting society and we stumbled out of the 60’s looking like the love child of Charles Manson and Janis Joplin. Being there to witness what the hell happened in those 10 years just seems so fascinating.

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