Transitional Talk (Part 003)

In this special Transitional Talk, we pull back the curtains and give you a glimpse into our episode planning and what goes on before each podcast starts. This is, of course, accompanied by the usual between segment talk you will find in the rest of the Transitional Talk series. A run down of this week’s segments is:

  1. Mic check
  2. Mic check #2/Dan spills his beer/Episode planning
  3. Hermaphrodite talk/Dan and Josh sing ’45’
  4. Talking during the ‘Intro’
  5. Intro Fail
  6. Talking before ‘Manly or Not?’
  7. Talking before ‘What Every Guy Should Have’
  8. Talking before ‘Manly Men Throughout History’

003 Transitional Talk for iPhone

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