Transitional Talk

We know…we know…you checked back on the 7th, filled with the excited and wonder of what Episode 003 would bring, only to find no new post. Well, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. However…we do have good news for those die-hard fans.

Now, not everyone cares to know the ins-and-outs of how a movie, album or (in this case) podcast is made, and that is perfectly fine. We love you just the same. But there are those that will watch all the DVD extras and scour the internet for inside sources on how a movie’s special effect was pulled off or what went on between takes when recording Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying” (check out the bootleg album Brutal Artistry). For those fans of the Tri-Pod, we bring you Transitional Talk.

This new series of audio will be presented each week after a new episode is recorded. Since we are two weeks in, you will have two installments to enjoy and to get you warmed up for Episode 003.

So what exactly is Transitional Talk? While the finished podcast features transitional music to break up each segment, when actually recording, the microphones are still rolling during this time. In post production, the audio recorded between segments is simply muted, therefore you only hear the music. Transitional Talk pulls all the muted audio from each episode, splices them together and in the end, you get a first hand look (or listen) at what goes on behind the scenes. We will also try to post any pictures or other fun bits from each episode.

Hope you enjoy!

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