Transitional Talk (Part 001)

In this first installment, you will find the audio pulled from Episode 001. Each segment is broken up with a low pitched ‘beep’ (actually sounds more like a ‘boop’), and the segment order is something like this:

  1. During the intro
  2. False start before Dan talks about his head injury
  3. Prior to ‘Why’
  4. Prior to ‘Single Guy’
  5. Prior to ‘Donation’
  6. Prior to ‘Sports’ (originally cut from Episode 001, however the segment can be found in full in the Christmas Hiatus post)
  7. Prior to ‘Hypothetical Question’

    001 Transitional Talk for iPhone

A couple thoughts about this audio:

  • Travis initially lied to Dan about whether or not we were recording
  • Travis was very firm in his stance that no audio would be cut from the episode…only to end up cutting some segments for time considerations.
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