Christmas Hiatus

Dear Listener,

If you’re staring at this website, you already know. We’ve been too busy with Christmas and New Years to supply you with a new episode. We’re at the Comfort Inn. Room 112. We love you.

The Tri-Pod

To make sure your time visiting the site has not been a complete bust, here are a couple bits that were left off Episode 001 for time considerations. Not to worry, we should be back in full swing after the new year.

So please check back 7 January, 2012 and hopefully you’ll have Episode 003 waiting for your ears to hear it…..or if not, we’ll try to find some other audio to occupy you for the time being.

Dan tries to get his arms around the idea of why Americans are so phat:
Fat Americans for iPhone

Josh kicks around some sports topics:
Sports for iPhone

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