Episode 001

It is quite satisfying hearing a half-baked idea come together into an hour or so of verbal volleys and awkward moments. In our kick off episode, we tackle some interesting topics right off the bat*.

  1. Fumble around to answer Dan’s questions of “Why…?”
  2. Imagine what could become of Josh’s on-line dating
  3. Discover where Travis goes for lunch every Wednesday

On top of all that, we take a look at what is in the news, keep up to date on sports and answer a hypothetical question. As an added bonus for the series premier, you, the listener, will receive an extra 25 minutes of podcasting gold at no cost to you! You’re welcome.

Episode 001 for iPhone

Noun: Protection of or authority over someone or something; guardianship.

*Excessive use of sports puns was not intended

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